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Who is Everyday Fit?

Everyday Fit is run by Qualified Personal Trainer, Christine Prescott.  Everyday Fit offers the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals through personal training and group fitness classes, both in person and online. Christine is a mum and has led a very active lifestyle for most of her life. She has Type 1 diabetes and has lived through other chronic health conditions and is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals no matter their health status. Christine loves to run to relax and uses this as part of keeping herself fit, having completed Oxfam, Upstream (20km and 50km), half marathons and a full marathon. 


Personal Training

A personal training session is a 30-60min session one to three times a week that creates a tailor made program for you to work towards your fitness goals, taking into account any preexisting/current injuries, medical conditions and postural issues.

A thorough assessment will be completed during the first session to identify your goals and fitness abilities.

It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding.

Personal Training can be done on your own or with a friend/partner for more fun and accountability.

Please contact Christine on 0413334070 to arrange your personal training session.

Sessions are also available for online personal training.

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Group Fitness

Everyday Fit is running outdoor group sessions at Mitcham Baptist Church, Mitcham.


A group fitness session involves a variety of strength, cardio and core work. Each group session can have up to 15 participants.

Tabata is a 30min high intensity interval training workout, designed to improve cardio fitness and metabolism, build lean muscle and drop fat, and help to burn calories for hours after the workout!


Circuit class is a 45 - 60min strength and conditioning class that moves around different stations and targets different muscle groups. This type of class is great for all over body toning, suitable for all fitness levels and can be easily adapted to your fitness level and can burn a high level of calories in a session.

Boxing class coming soon...

Contact Christine 0413 334 070 for more details.